Quality Non-Original Caterpilliar Parts Supplier


EPU New Replacement parts are warranted to be good quality in material and manufacture under normal use and service.

Parts not from EPU Inventory whether new, original surplus or used “as is” parts outsourced specifically for the customer from secondary vendors are not warranted by EPU.

EPU’s Warranty coverage period is not to exceed 6 months from Original Invoice Date or 1000 hours.

All Parts

Warranted for 6 months from invoice date, not to exceed 6 months from Original Invoice Date. View Return Policy for more details.

Claim Procedures

  1. EPU must be notified by the customer of a Warranty request via online, as well as by phone, fax or e-mail. A EPU sales representative will respond by forwarding a Warranty form to the customer who will be responsible to submit all information requested with any support documentation as stated in the form’s instructions.
  2. When the required information is received a Claim Number will be assigned and the Quality Control Dept. will review the Warranty request.
  3. If it is determined by EPU Technical Support that more information is required or any other parts or damaged components are needed to properly evaluate the failure, the customer will be notified. Failure to cooperate or produce needed materials for further analysis of a claim may void the claim due to lack of information and/or required parts requested. EPU reserves the right to examine every part subject to the claim under this Warranty. EPU also reserves the right to ask a customer to return parts to an Authorized Distributor or EPU Location for Warranty evaluation.
  4.  If required, EPU will request the customer to send the parts back to our premises for inspection. The customer will be solely responsible for shipping charges and EPU will not accept any collect shipments. EPU will not accept any merchandise that is returned to EPU in used condition. Only parts under Warranty that are suspected to have failed are allowed to be returned in used condition with our prior authorization. All parts returned to EPU must have original labels and be properly packaged for shipping. EPU Warranty will be void if returned merchandise is damaged due to improper packaging or neglect. Coverage will also be void if any third party delivering such merchandise has damaged the product.
  5. If EPU determines that the part is subject to the warranty, all settlements will be made by EPU or it’s Authorized Distributor. If a Warranty Claim is denied all products submitted for examination to EPU will be kept for 30 days after denial date and then discarded.

General EPU Responsibility & Limitations

If all claim procedures have been followed and EPU determines the Warranty situation is approved, the following describe EPU’s maximum responsibility.

Parts : EPU at its option will replace parts needed or credit the customer’s Account. If the EPU part is found to be the sole and direct cause of damage to the equipment where it was installed, EPU will be responsible for any reasonable costs to restore the equipment and any other parts needed for the repair will be replaced at cost. EPU must agree upon this in advance. Maintenance Items: EPU, upon its prior approval, will pay for maintenance items such as oil, filters and antifreeze that are not reusable.

Items Not Covered:

EPU is not responsible for the following:

  1. Down time or towing charges.
  2. Diagnostic time.
  3. Dynomometer or other test charges.
  4. Travel time, hotel charges or overtime pay for mechanics.
  5. Service truck mileage.
  6. Replacement equipment or vehicle rentals.
  7. Incoming and outgoing freight costs, with the exception of prior approval by EPU Quality Control.
  8. Transportation of equipment, vehicle, engine or components to and from the place of repair.

EPU will not accept parts bills for costs of Original Equipment Parts used to make repairs. EPU will cover only the parts costs of its replacement items and only upon prior approval from EPU. EPU is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Any tampering or altering of a EPU product voids the Warranty and become sole responsibility of the owner. Failures determined to arise from owner or operator abuse, improper assembly, exposure to weather conditions, negligence, damage by accidents, or lack of proper maintenance are not covered by this Warranty. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose, except the warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Other than EPU Quality Control, no other personnel are authorized to bind EPU for Warranty coverage. This Warranty is provided only to direct EPU customers and not to any other parties.