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Other Heavy Machinery Tools and Accessories / Parts

At EPU we believe that working on a safer and more comfortable environment makes workdays more productive. For this reason, one of EPU’s top priorities is to provide heavy machinery operators the tools and accessories to make their job easier and more productive. From comfortable seats, additives, paints, and chemicals to sizing tools and other products that aid in the workload, EPU has what you need.

The following are some of the EPU Accessories available for your heavy equipment:


EPU inhibitor is a product designed to change the sulfate and nitrate levels effectively. It is composed of corrosion inhibitors and lubricants that protect and promote the lifespan of the cooling system components.

Grease Gun

This portable lubricator comes along with three hoses and a kit with a variety of the most popular and used fittings.

EPU Seats

EPU Seats now include more features and accessories to enhance the operator’s comfort. Check out all the available EPU seats in your EPU Store.

Hand Cleaner Towels

EPU Hand Cleaner Towels have a citrus-based formula combined with a tough, textured orange towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease leaving your hands truly clean without the need of water or others products.