Quality Non-Original Caterpilliar Parts Supplier


Top quality ground engaging tools make a big difference on how well your machine performs. EPU offers top quality ground engaging tools for all earth-moving For EPU, it is imperative to ensure the quality of its products. For this reason we are very selective when it comes to selecting the different materials for the elaboration of our hardware. Many customers rely on EPU hardware for all their needs because it provides maximum strength, maximum selection and maximum value.

EPU meets the following quality standards & norms for our hardware:

  • (DIN) German norms
  • (SAE)  grade 8 and (DIN) 10.9 strength specifications

Our hardware inventory is abundant and stocked with nuts, bolts and screws from the most basics ones, to the most exclusive in the market. The following are some of the categories of EPU hardware parts available:

Woodruff Keys

EPU offers a wide range of Woodruff Keys that are manufactured using medium carbon steel and machined for a smooth finish.


EPU Rivets are available in Flat Head, Button Head and Blind. Different standards and surface finishes are also available.

Cotter Pins

We Stock all type of cotter pins: stainless steel cotter pins, zinc plated steel cotter pins, copper cotter pins, and aluminum cotter pins.


EPU Self-Locking Nuts (All Metal & Nylon Insert) are made of fine grain steel. They are ideal in applications where vibration or motion could loosen or undo the nut.