Quality Non-Original Caterpilliar Parts Supplier

Engine Components

EPU engine parts are designed and manufactured to work hard as an integrated system. We continually improve our techniques to ensure you get quality products with the best technology available in the market. We are committed to lowering your total parts’ cost, and maximizing your productivity.The following are some of the EPU Engine parts available:

Piston kits

Piston Kits come with:
Piston, Piston Rings, Retainers, and Piston Pin

Liner Kits

Our liner kits come complete with:
The piston, pin, liner, gasket kit, rings, retainers, and seals.

Remanufactured Blocks

Short Block:
When your cylinder head is in good condition and you are able to refinish it.

Long Block:
If the Cylinder Head is cracked or out of specks.

Medium Block:
The medium block is designed for those customers looking for a happy medium. The cylinder head might be damaged yet the oil pump is still in good condition.